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Magalas Produce is a fruit and vegetable producer located north of Waterford in Norfolk County, Ontario.


In 2011 we expanded our grading area by 15,000 square feet to bring the total grading area to 27,000 square feet. We also nearly doubled our cooling space with 15,000 square feet of cold storage now. With Martin and Cheryl’s son Chase now taking care of the Ontario Food Terminal deal, it gives Martin more time to concentrate on things at the farm. This has increased productivity and the quality of the produce.

A New Generation

In 1979, with the death of Harry, three of the fives sons (Greg, Martin and Eugene) took a more active role in the family business. Their help enlarged the farms productions. In the latter part of the 1980’s the canneries closed down the contracts for Ontario farmers and the farms focus was switched to fresh vegetables. In 1994 Martin and his wife Cheryl solely took over Magalas Produce Ltd. and expanded the fresh fruit and vegetable production to include strawberries, zucchini, melon (cantaloupe), sweet corn, tomatoes and roma tomatoes.

The Beginning

Harry and Helen Magalas established the starting grounds for Magalas Produce Ltd. A 50-acre farm devoted to raising 150 laying hens and four cows. Moving to another bigger farm allowed them to buy more milking cows and to gain a contract with Acme Dairy in Toronto. Vegetable production soon followed as with attending the Hagersville Market every Wednesday afternoon. The Magalas’ soon gained contracts with E.D. Smith in Winona and Campbell Soup in Toronto. In a few years the cows were sold to accommodate full devotion to the growing of cucumbers, strawberries and tomatoes (roma and cannery) for the Ontario Food Terminal along with canning tomatoes for contracts.

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